Welcome. I'm a professor in the philosophy department at Southwestern College (SWC) in Chula Vista, CA. If you are one of my current or prospective students, the course reader PDFs for my Phil 101 (Introduction to Philosophy) and Phil 103 (Logic and Critical Thinking) classes are linked below (click on the thumbnails/images). Physical copies can also be purchased from the SWC Bookstore.



Selected Publications

Occasionally people express interest in some of the things I've written, mostly the books on video games. Here are my two favorites (thumbnails link to Amazon):



Some additional articles:

My argument for why the cultural phenomenon of "wokeness" fails to truly confront religion.

My argument for why the "publish or perish" ethos of higher education prevents professors from preparing sufficiently for teaching duties.

My argument about the epistemology in Jonathan Blow's The Witness.